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Life Insurance

Shield Insurance Agency offers life insurance that will help your family live and love each other while providing long-lasting financial security. Life insurance is there to help pay for funeral expenses, housing bills, medical bills, debts, and any other personal needs.

Life insurance is there to secure your family’s protection and to help mitigate the worries of being financially incapable.

Replace Income For Dependents & Inheritance: 

This coverage secures your dependents in case of fatality or injury. It operates as a savings account designed to finance their daily needs, education, etc.



Final Expenses: 

Life Insurance may cover debts, medical fees, federal “death” taxes, and funeral expenses.

Types of Life Insurance
Term Life:

It covers the individuals added to the insurance in case of death during the terms if the policy. There are two types of the Term Life coverage; the Level Term and the Decreasing Term. While the Level Term covers the full death benefit, the Decrease Term cancels the policy at the discretion of the insured individual.

Variable: Associates death protection with a savings account that may be invested in stocks, bonds, and money market mutual funds.



Whole Life:

It covers the death benefits whenever the insured dies. There are 3 types of life insurance within the Whole Life coverage.

Traditional: Life and death benefits remain intact during the term of the policy. Moreover, the older the person gets, the higher the benefit rises.

Universal: This coverage is more flexible, as it earns more money along with the market’s interest. It is based on the policyholder’s accumulation of money and desire to change the way he or she benefit from their premium.

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